About OneTimeNote

OneTimeNote was created out of a need to share personal or sensitive information and data. We never felt comfortable sharing over email, as once an email is sent, you no longer have control over that data. It may be forwarded by mistake, the recipient may experience a data breach. So this service was created, and is in use daily with clients and collegues.

With OneTimeNote you generate a random URL link that can be shared with a third party. Once that URL accessed and the note revealed, the link will no longer be active. The note will be available on the page for the default 5 minutes. All data is encrypted on our servers and only accessible by using the generated link. We do not have access to any data as the link and password is never stored on our servers. When the link has expired, the data is deleted.

With the Create Note page, the number of allowed views and the expiration is configurable. Creating an account has additional setings.
We feel it is safe and secure. Further features are coming, and they will be listed here shortly.

Looking for more information? Visit the FAQ page and our Privacy page just so you can be sure that we take your privacy seriously!