Common questions

  • While no service is 100% safe from hackers, we feel that the level of encryption used and the fact that the password is only in the generated link and never on the server, makes decrypting the data extremely difficult. The generated link is also accessible one time only by default, after which the data is destroyed.

  • The generated URL is a random sequence of characters that only you, the user, will have. With the Try it now option, the URL is available for 48 hours, allows one view, with a default view time of 5 minutes. Once viewed, data will be destroyed and removed from the page. The link will no longer be active. If you wish to destroy the note, open the URL at any time and view the note.

    Absolutely no one can read a note that is stored in the application database. All notes (and associated data, if applicable) are encrypted, and the key to decrypting the note is contained in the link that you generate. The key is not stored anywhere and you are the only user with access until you decide to share.

    With the Try it now option, notes are available for 2 days. The Create Note page allows a maximum of 7 days. Once the time has expired, the note will be removed and will no longer be accessible. Creating an account has additional setings.

    We do everything in our power to protect the site against unauthorized access, modification or destruction of the data. In the case of a breach, notes will be secure as decryption keys are not stored.

  • The notes are encrypted and stored in a database. The URL is random so there is no relationship between a note and the database record. Creating a new URL with the same data will always generate a random URL

  • No. It is removed from the system after the number of allowed views has been reached. The Try it now option has one view.

  • Once you generate a OneTimeNote link, the only person able to access the original note is the recipient of the link. Opening the link will validate it and if successful, provide more information and a Reveal option.

  • You may choose to enter your email address when creating a note to receive a email notifying you the note has been read. You may also enter a reference to keep track of the note if sending multiple URL's. The email address is encrypted in the same fashion as notes and deleted upon the note being viewed.

    Once User Accounts have been completed, you will have a dashboard of created OneTimeNotes and the number of views with other metrics.

    This is currently under development.